Winter Tour Promo 2012 / 2013

by Passive Aggressive

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released December 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Passive Aggressive Zagreb, Croatia

Winter Tour w/ Ljubisa Samardzic:

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Track Name: Relentless Nights
Relentless nights in an abandoned home
running nowhere to seize the abroad
leaving thoughts and everything behind

never thought it could be like this
now just a turncoat of the demolishment
for irrelevancies of past I won't care

a new days' odyssey
it's what we all need to run away
from everyday and from all the thoughts we have
in sickness we'll prevail
soon the storms will gasp their lights
and all the troubles will close their paths
/monuments and most of us will see the end

like sheep we're hunted as a pray
a feeble leverage that fades away
every day can you feel the rot
life's end's nearing without our thoughts
Track Name: The Bleeders
here come the crooks here comes the government
a bunch of eyes with money signs on it
worth nothing to you but you're worthy to them
stop the lies stop feeding them

open your eyes and get it clear
salvation won't come from
desperation obtained by
worthless praying without a fight

those who bleed are forced to misconduct
we who still bleed will bleed even more
Track Name: Cross of Shame
How long will it take for you to hear the words
that come from the ones whose hands are tied
A million given chances but from none we have
learned to settle the score upthight

While we sit still the shades will bring
new defeats from its sleeves

Like vultures prey over the flesh
you prey over the green
the crooked bread for the leaning gut
a new world order with a new mask

there's a stranded clamor shushed by the echo
of the fearless ones turning their backs
(there's a) whole nation in shambles
'cause semiprecious roofs in the future won't bring us homes
from rude stones to semiprecious ones
that could feed in proportions of thousands
i see precedence of a minorities' satisfaction
kicking in when the power gets its peak
Track Name: Should We Ask For More
with our battered values waiting for more
how much will we push our luck
no yield, no shame, no fellow feelings
the sun doesn't shine on the other side

todays wealth is tomorrows' destruction

our greed supports a desire with no bounds
when will we see enough is too much
when will our greed reach an end
the sun doesn't shine on the other side
Track Name: Greed, Wealth, Death
What's in your mind that makes you think
that lots of money will make you happy
I never sensed a string like that
but it takes no effort to prove you wrong

delusions of the rich salvation
could only make the pocket warm
but no one seems to notice
almost everything matters more
slit your throat your dead inside
please commit career suicide
your happiness is now remote
and everything else goes wrong ..

this is abundance, not protection
old values, new people, no changes
ignorant minds breed ignorant offspring
what are you gonna do with ten of everything
Track Name: Imaginary Lines in Sand
crusher of dreams, destroyer of hope
jealousy derived from unexpected
label maker, chance annihilator
fake treasure keeper, the excluder

when borders become more than
imaginary lines in sands
when human rights differ value
I won't break...down on my knees

masquerade fascist, preserver of pride
con equal chances, pro affiliation
down with your anthem, down with your flags
the final scene, soon to come

annihilator... segregator...
down with your anthem, down with your flags
the final scene, soon to come